Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Grab, pull, snap, break...

Nothing is safe. At six months old Baby B has finally mastered the art of grabbing, a new found skill he is using to systematically destroy anything within his reach.

Coating himself and everything around him in a layer of slobber, our little man is now expertly picking up and chewing on toys, clothes, books and television remote controls. Exhibiting deceptive strength, the little chap's little hands have become tools for pulling apart anything valuable - such as his granny's favourite necklace - and inflicting pain upon his parents with his signature 'pretend to stroke face and then grab really hard at skin or lips to see shock in said face' party trick.

At this rate I might put myself forward for the lead role in Scarface 2, while my wife contemplates a Sinead O'Connor haircut!

However, it seems we are not alone. Some clever fellow has come up with a wearable toy to distract busy hands and keep them away from jewellery and hair. What's more, it works.

The 'Playwrap' by BondieBird - http://www.bondiebird.com/ - does for giant adult bibs what Joseph did for dreamcoats. In short, it enables parents to look ridiculous, while their offspring busy themselves with an impressive array of stuck-on, and interchangeable, toys.

Stick the Playwrap over your head, position Junior on your lap, and rest assured he'll be amused for at least the duration of Homes Under The Hammer.

It's a great idea, simple and effective. However, at £28 it is an expensive way to buy a bit of peace and quiet and - probably because it is someone's Dragon's Den-style passion -  it does feel a bit home made.

Nevertheless, Baby B loves it - especially the crinkly butterfly and the bells - and the concept is worthy of praise. Just don't forget to take it off when you answer the door to the postman!