Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Time for a relaunch of CluedUpDads...

When I first began this blog I envisaged myself writing posts on a daily basis, sharing witty insights into every moment of my life as I journeyed through the adventures of fatherhood. It was a noble and exciting vision, but as the sparsity of posts over the past couple of years proves, reality got in the way. 

Finding the time to write while working long hours, commuting for tedious hours and wrestling with the children for fun/infuriating hours, became an impossible challenge and my blog updates were sacrificed for precious time with my wife, the occasional beer and half an hour of TV before bed.

Now, however, I find myself restructured out of my previous employment and in possession of an overwhelming and unexpected amount of time. No more 6.40am alarm clock, no more delayed trains, no more getting home 15 minutes before the children go to bed. I have time on my hands for the first time in years and, just as I plan to enjoy lunch with my children, pre-school pick-ups, afternoon walks, morning playgroups and all the other parental duties I've missed out on, I'm going to relaunch CluedUpDads.

I have no idea what the future will bring, but I'd like this blog to become more than a vehicle for my own ramblings. I'd like to call upon all you dads to share your thoughts, feelings and frustrations on fatherhood by letting me know what grinds your gears or gets you through the day. Comment on posts, make suggestions for future posts, share your own blogs...whatever you wish. I'm sure CluedUpDads will evolve over time, but let's just see where it goes from here.

As for me, it's half past two in the afternoon, what  better time of the working day for a lengthy bath?